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What is EN 50575?

EN 50575 is a special product standard mentioned in the construction product regulation, which regulates the classification of cables regardless of the voltage level. The product standard does not take a position on cable materials, structural details or manufacturing methods. It only defines the fire test methods and performance requirements applicable in each fire safety class.

EN 50399​

The cables must be tested with testing equipment according to EN 50399. In the test, the cables are installed as a bundle on a vertical rack and ignited using a gas burner. During the burning test, the cables are measured for values related to their fire behavior.

Kaapeleiden Polttotesti EN 50399​

EN 60332-1-2​

In the test, a single cable is mounted vertically on a rack and a gas flame is applied to the cable for a specified period of time. The fire may travel along a single cable for a maximum limited distance.

EN 61034-2

In the test, the formation of smoke from the burning cable is measured using an optical method: the visibility through the smoke formed in the test is measured with a light beam.

EN IEC 60754-2

The test determines the acidity of burning gases using pH and conductivity.

EN IEC 60754-3

The test determines the halogen content of the cable’s combustible materials using ion chromatography.