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Offering EN50399 testing

What is EN 50575?

a cable product standard under the CPR

EN 50575 defines the basic reaction to fire in cables, regardless of the cable voltage and sets the regime of how cables are classified. The standard does not take a stand in materials nor other factors. It defines cables only according to their fire performance under fire, in the harmonized procedures that classify the cables.

Fire Classes & Test Methods

Fire ClassTest method
EN 50399EN 60332-1-2EN 61034-2EN IEC 60754-2

CPR Tests Performed at CTC

EN 50399​

The cables have to be tested in accordance with EN 50399 test equipment. In the test, the cables are installed in a bundle on a vertical rack and ignited using a gas burner. During the burning test, the cables are measured by their fire behavior.

EN 60332-1-2​

In the test a single cable is installed on vertical rack and the cable is exposed to a gas flame for a fixed period. The fire may proceed along the cable up to a limited distance.

EN 61034-2

The test measures the formation of smoke from a burning cable by an optical method: the light beam measures the visibility through the smoke produced during the test.

EN IEC 60754-2

The test determines the acidity of flue gases from the burning cable materials by measuring their pH and conductivity.

EN IEC 60754-3

The test determines the halogen content of the combustible materials in the cable by ion chromatography.

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