Quick and reliable cable fire testing

CTC offers EN50399 testing

Finland's first commercial Fire Testing Laboratory for Cables

The Construction Product Regulation (CPR) requires that the fire behavior of cables are reported as fire classes.(Aca, B1ca, B2ca,
Cca, Dca, Eca, Fca)

The fire performance tests can be used to check if the cables meet the requirements and fire classes

Fire classes are determined by the EN 50399 fire test, that is important test method at the product development stage

CTC is the only commercial fire testing laboratory in Finland.

(EU 305/2011)

What is the purpose of CPR?

Construction Products Regulation (CPR), is part of the European Union legislative framework supporting free movement of goods across the borders in the EU region.
It is intended to ensure liable information on construction products including electricity and telecommunication cables. The CPR provides a common technical language to asses the performance of construction products.


CTC fire tests cables
quickly and reliably

We use harmonized methods according to
the CPR regulation.

CTC helps to speed up your company's product development

We provide EN50399 fire testing prior to your official CPR classification tests

CTC can verify the cables you are using on your behalf

Whether the cable meets the CPR class that has been indicated.